All cars in South Lot will need to be moved up to Commuter Lot between 5:00 PM Friday 12/6/19 and 6:00 AM Saturday 12/7/19. Check your University email for more details.


Living On Campus

Top Five Reasons to Live on Campus


You can roll out of bed a few minutes before class starts and still make it on time. Or, if you have a break between classes, you can catch a quick nap!


You can stop by your room between classes to grab books, laptop or whatever else you need instead of carrying everything around with you.


We all know that parking on college campuses is always a challenge. Just watch everyone circling around campus looking for the perfect parking spot while you leisurely walk to class.


Did you know that students who live on campus do better in classes and are more likely to graduate in 4 years? It’s also convenient to form study groups or work on group projects with other students when you live close together!


Take the hassle out of housing when you live on campus, your food, utilities, cable, furniture and more are all included.