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Discrimination, Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy

Victims of sexual violence are encouraged to report the incident and seek both police and medical attention. Seeking police and medical attention does not obligate a victim to make a complaint or take any further action, but the decision to seek medical help and gather evidence allows for greater assurance of pursuing a full range of options. Contact information for police, as well as CONFIDENTIAL medical and counseling services along with NON-CONFIDENTIAL reporting options are linked here.  

Westfield State University Statement:
Sexual Violence and Sexual Misconduct

Westfield State University is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy learning, living and working environment that is free from all forms of gender-based misconduct.  Consistent with this commitment, the University complies with Title IX of the Higher Education Amendment of 1972 which prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex in education programs and activities, as well as retaliation for the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by Title IX. The University does not discriminate on the basis of sex in admission to or employment in its education programs and activities. 

As a policy, Westfield State University prohibits all forms of sexual violence and gender-based misconduct. These behaviors are antithetical to the University’s educational mission and prohibited forms of harassment under Title IX. The University provides educational and prevention programs, services for individuals who have been impacted by sexual violence and/or gender-based misconduct, and accessible, timely and equitable methods of investigation and resolution of complaints.

Prohibited conduct under the policy includes sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, sexual assault, rape, sexual exploitation, stalking, domestic/dating violence or coercion, all of which are defined within this website. Sexual misconduct may occur between a male perpetrator and female victim, a female perpetrator and male victim, or between a perpetrator and victim of the same gender. This policy applies to all members of the university community; students faculty and staff alike, as well as anyone having dealings with the university. 

NOTE: While federal and state laws require that a sexual violence and sexual misconduct policy be in place for Westfield State University, all forms of discrimination based upon race, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital, parental and veterans status are also prohibited by law. The state's Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan (linked here), of which the Sexual Violence Policy is a part, may be used as a resource for all forms of discrimination including how to report such conduct.




Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Jalisa Williams,

Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Horace Mann Center, 202

(413) 572-8670


Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Employees)

Evelyn Soucie
Interim Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
Horace Mann Center, 204
(413) 572-5637

Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Students)

Jon Conlogue
Executive Director-Residential Life
Scanlon Hall, S-A010

(413) 572-5572


“It’s On Us”

 1 Is 2 Many:

The White Houses Initiative against Sexual Assault.

One Is Two Many InfoGraphic
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