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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Minor

Why Minor in GIS?

GIS skills are highly-marketable today and our GIS Minor gives you the skills and hands-on experience you need to use GIS successfully in your future career. Spatial thinking and analysis are important concepts in many other disciplines including law enforcement, homeland security, environmental science, public health, business and marketing, communications and media, political science, history, and more.

GIS is a high-growth industry with great job and salary opportunities. GIS and Geography are rated amongst the Top 25 fastest-growing occupations with an anticipated growth of 3 to 28 percent through 2020 (more information).

Interested? Contact Dr. Tim LeDoux (GIS Coordinator) or Dr. Carsten Braun to discover how our GIS Minor can fit into your education and future!

Additional information and requirements (printable PDF file)

Requirements for the Minor in Geographic Information Systems

Minor in Geographic Information System (GIS) - 18 Credits

Twelve (12) of the credits have to be taken at Westfield State University.

    Required GIS Courses - 9 Credits

    • GARP 0243 - Introduction to Remote Sensing
    • GARP 0244 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    • GARP 0344 - Advanced Geographic Information Systems

    One of the following


    • GARP 0246 - Quantitative Methods for Social and Physical Science
    • CRJU 0313 - Statistics in Criminal Justice

    • *
    • ECON 0305 - Introduction to Econometric Methods or
    • FINC 0305 - Introduction to Econometric Methods

    • *
    • ENVS 0330 - Environmental Data Analysis *
    • MGMT 0250 - Quantitative Approaches to Business Decisions *

    Plus two of the following - 6 Credits


    • BIOL 0204 - GIS Applications for Natural Sciences *
    • CAIS 0117 - Introduction to Computer Programming
    • CAIS 0212 - Visual Programming Concepts
    • CRJU 0359 - Geographic Information Systems Applications in Crime Analysis *
    • GARP 0317 - Special Topics in Geography and Planning
    • GARP 0350 - Internship in Regional and Environmental Planning
    • GARP 0399 - Independent Study


    * Additional prerequisites are required.

    For more information about the GIS minor, contact Dr. Timothy LeDoux (, Department of Geography and Regional Planning, at (413) 572-5722.