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Earth Systems Science Minor

Why Minor in Earth Systems Science?

Earth Systems Science is tailored for students majoring in General Science, Biology, Geography and Regional Planning, or Environmental Science. The minor program provides grounding in three important aspects of the Earth systems (atmosphere, hydrosphere, and solid Earth), an overview of the history of the systems, and a chance to extend that foundational work with additional upper-level courses.

Requirements for the Minor in Earth Systems Science

Requirements for the Earth Systems Science Minor - 19-21 Credits


    Required Courses - 13 Credits


    • GEOL 0101 - Physical Geology with Laboratory
    • GEOL 0106 - Historical Geology
    • GEOL 0108 - General Oceanography
    • GARP 0230 - Meteorology

    Additional Upper-Level Courses - 6-8 Credits

    Select two from the following:

    • BIOL 0325 - Ecosystems *
    • ENVS 0251 - Water Resources Planning and Management *
    • GARP 0107 - Climate Change *
    • GARP 0244 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    • GEOL 0211 - Geology in the Field: Selected Locations
    • GEOL 0347 - Integrated Physical Science: Geology *

    • * These courses have pre-requisites beyond the foundational courses in the minor.